I want to work with you.

You may have found me through Twitter, my blog post, (in)courage, or a friend referred you. {See. . . this ‘social stuff’ works!}

I want to build a relationship with you, just like I’m sure you do with your consumer.

I want to help you grow your online business, spread the word about the good work your non-profit is doing, re-position your brand to reach a new target audience, or help your company enter in the 2.0 media world {before everyone else has moved into 4.0.}

My goal is to help you become more influential, profitable – a true success story. An example for others in your industry to follow. {My secret goal is to work myself right out of a job. . .because you no longer need me. You’re thriving on your own. We both win.}

I have a propelling passion for business and to coach others to fulfilled dreams, goals realized. I have years of experience in Marketing, Social Media, Publishing, Product Development, Virtual & Real-Life Community Development, Branding, & Creative Strategy.

I’m known as a Creative Mastermind, Social Media Strategist, a Visionary Thinker, Relationship Innovator, your Consumer’s Advocate. I’ll bring an outsider’s view, a fresh perspective for you and your team.

I’ve had the privilege of helping a diverse group of clients & quite a few Social Media influencers.

The easiest way to help you attain your goals is through a retainer agreement, that way you’re not looking at the clock while we talk, but can focus on the task at hand. I don’t have a cookie cutter approach, but will ask poignant questions, listen deeply to your desires and hopes, and creatively plan and execute for the growth of your business. I will work within your timeline and budget, journeying with you to fruition, literally working my way out of job and empowering you and your team.

Do I work with individual bloggers, not just companies and non-profits? You betcha.

I’m a Blogger BFF. Yes, I *heart* bloggers. I love the community, the creativity, the talent. I enjoy working with them on campaigns for companies. But I get just as excited when I can help them achieve their goals.

If you’re a blogger, maybe you just need a little encouragement. Or you’re starting a new blog? Need Advice? Feeling stuck? Ready to grow your existing blog to a platform to make a bigger impact, sell more of your handmade products, or get noticed by a publisher, then we can chat.

My fees for bloggers are $150/hour to talk through branding, budgets, how to grow, Marketing, parnterships, Social Media, effective design, creative strategy, even your business cards, and more. It’s what I call Social Marketing.

My approach is to find out what you feel called to do, what your goals are, and help you achieve them, focusing on the real needs, eliminating distractions that can seem good at the time. We can talk as many times as you need. A retainer agreement is an option, too, so I’m available to you via phone, email, even Twitter. I’m kind of like a Blog Coach, but I’ll never make you run bleachers or take a lap.

And if you’re ready to turn your blog into a brand, and it’s going to take a little more than a few conversations, then we can work out a complete plan. The timeline and pricing will be based on your needs and not on an hourly basis.

Lets make your God-sized dreams come true.

If you’d like more details of how we can work together, please contact me at I look forward to hearing your story and helping you become more targeted, influential, & effective in the social space.