Put Your Heart Into It

by Stephanie Bryant

The easiest thing would be to take your heart out of . . . your brand, your business.

You can operate more like a company. She’ll take you more seriously. It’s not personal just business, right?

How can she do business with you if you’re not there. {Yes, your likeness or the online version of you shows up, but not really you.}

This makes it more difficult to serve her when you’re heart isn’t present. And she quickly doesn’t feel connected to you or loved for her purchase because there is no mechanism to do so.

Then because your heart is missing, you’re only offering a transaction and she can find that anywhere.

When you take your heart out of what you do and protect yourself, then your brain is the boss with no emotional balance. And it’s much easier to quit because of disappointing sales or the lack of comments.

If you want to move on in a month from your true passion, then I recommend keeping your heart out of it.

But if you truly desire to serve her in only the way you can, for the long term, then invest more of you in your business.



Your Visual Brand Identity

by Stephanie Bryant

How do you take everything in your heart, your mind’s eye, the core of your business and express it visually?

This can be one of your toughest moments. {Even if you take a break by walking the aisles in Target.}

Overwhelming at times. Difficult to fine tune and express in words to a designer what you know to be true for your online presence. Wanting a book cover that’s the perfect wrapping for the intent of your 25,000 words.

The visual representation of your brand is just as important as your message, at moments validating your product to be worthwhile and meaningful.  The visual shows those you serve you understand them and designed your place, your product just for them.

Your visual brand can be easy when you know your brand promise, the space you possess in the consumers mind and heart and the need that you serve.

This isn’t about trendy colors or imitating another’s success. It’s about cohesion.

Your brand identity begins to set up expectations – both visually and emotionally for your current and future consumer. It’s the packaging that is just a taste of what they’ll experience in the gift they open in you.

Your visual brand is about completing your message visually. If the message and the visual expression don’t match up, then your idea is likely to be rejected.

Set up accurate visual expectations that perfectly expresses your brand promise and you won’t have to keep trying to explain who you are. And you’ll have energy to spare for creative endeavors that are a perfect fit for the people you serve.

{Need a fun tool to help you process your visual brand? Use the Pin-terpretation ebook. It could bring the insights you’re needing.}

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