Stephanie Bryant, Founder & Creative Mastermind

Dreaming and Scheming. It’s one of my mantras. I do business with both my heart and my head. The two are so intertwined, I’m not sure where one ends and the other begins.

Here are a few things that I love & why I do what I do.

I remember sitting in Dr. Raj’s Intro to Marketing at Baylor University {we won’t talk about what year!}, thinking to myself “Wow! This is easy. It must be one of those intro classes that everyone aces.” Then I realized my classmates were struggling to pass, yet, I was having the time of my life. I changed my major and have been pursuing my unique design ever since.

Social Marketing. It’s not just part of my business name, it’s the lens I see the world through. It’s how I’m wired to live. Social Marketing incorporates the passionate stance I take on building a real relationship with the consumer, your consumer. Social Media includes powerful apps to do just that, but they are only tools that will change as quickly as they appeared. Marketing principles are the foundation for your business, but using old methods to ‘scream’ at the consumer can get stale and predictable.

Social Marketing beautifully combines the best of both worlds. It enables your company or personal brand to express the heart of your business; have authentic relationships with two-way dialogue, transparency, true service, and beautiful follow through on opportunities for generosity. No longer stale but a vital relationship that thrives. Then, virtual connections naturally lead to face-to-face experiences. It’s like dating your consumer. If you want a long term relationship with your consumer, then Social Marketing is not a maybe, but a must.

Planning a memorable experience. It’s taken me years to truly know myself and realize I was made to party. Sadly, for some creating an event – where your consumers will come and either have a fantastic time and tell their close circle or will go home bored and deflated – can create panic and need for a paper bag. I, on the other hand, thrive on taking on the idea of crafting a beach house at the Opryland Hotel to creating a space for moms to shop for inspiring finds to hosting an (in)courage  blogger retreat to create soul friends. Orchestrating both virtual and real life event is in my DNA.

Creative Strategery. No misspell. Strategery is one of my words. I think it goes beautifully with Creative. It’s a combination of purposeful brainstorming, lifting your lid (it’s okay, we all are trying to bust out of some kind of box), creative vision, strategy that dives into what you do best, and always keeps the focus on building a relationship with the most important people in the world – your consumer.

Smart packaging. I want something that knocks my socks off as I stroll down the aisle at Target. Or calls my name to pick it up and buy it just because it’s wrapped so beautifully. My experience in Product Development & Publishing even furthered that obsession. I admit it’s even hard to go shopping for myself without thinking about the tag design or the next idea for a product package plan. And it always matters, even if it’s virtual.

Bloggers. That’s right. I *heart* bloggers. Some of them are my bestest friends. (For those of you that text, they’re my BFF.) I highly admire and respect what they do. You should, too. They are savvy, marketers, world renowned authors (even if they don’t have a book in Barnes & Noble), passionate entrepreneurs, and brave. And they should be treated as such. I’ve learned so much about Social Media and modern day Marketing from bloggers and enjoy every moment of working with them. They are the influencers of our time, not just in Social Media.

Tribal Leader. I naturally gather influencers, whether they are in the social media space or in my real life. Each influencer has a circle, people that trust them and their knowledge, expertise, and advice. With God-sized vision and hard work, I’ve created a Tribe that’s helping to encourage women all over the world.  I also listen to other tribal leaders for perspective. Can you or your company be a Tribal Leader?

Branding – Logos, colors, style trends = all things shiny that catch this Marketers eye. I have first-rate relationships with both Graphic Designers and Web Designers, those that create the welcome mat for your company, personify your brand through all your Social Media fingers, and bring to life the Creative Strategery. I have the benefit of working with small companies and individuals, like you, at their Tipping Point. Are you ready to explode on the scene making the rest of the world wonder ‘where did this ‘overnight’ success story come from?’

Empowering You. I want to help you and your company be amazing. I will relentlessly ask the right questions, the hard questions. Maybe the ones you stopped asking a long time ago. I enjoy teaching you what I know and walking with you on your journey of Social Marketing Empowerment. I get a kick out of introducing you to the amazing influencers that are waiting to work with you.  I’d rather work myself right out of a job than do the work for you. It takes commitment on both our parts, but the benefits are astounding.  Remember, you’ve got to date your consumer. . .and to send someone else on your date would be disastrous.

Difference Maker. I long to make ripples. Jump in the deep end and make a splash. Not so I can be noticed, but for the bigger purpose that I live for. I want my life to mean something more than what this world offers. It’s a pleasure to work with others that feel the same way. I hope you do.

If you want the short version: Stephanie Bryant is the Creative Mastermind at S. Bryant Social Marketing. She believes in the power of authentic relationships, co-founder of, & inspired for such a time as this. Stephanie is the gatherer of people, ideas, and creativity. She is always looking for ways to give and serve. Stephanie wants to be known as a Revolutionary.