Put Your Heart Into It

by Stephanie Bryant

The easiest thing would be to take your heart out of . . . your brand, your business.

You can operate more like a company. She’ll take you more seriously. It’s not personal just business, right?

How can she do business with you if you’re not there. {Yes, your likeness or the online version of you shows up, but not really you.}

This makes it more difficult to serve her when you’re heart isn’t present. And she quickly doesn’t feel connected to you or loved for her purchase because there is no mechanism to do so.

Then because your heart is missing, you’re only offering a transaction and she can find that anywhere.

When you take your heart out of what you do and protect yourself, then your brain is the boss with no emotional balance. And it’s much easier to quit because of disappointing sales or the lack of comments.

If you want to move on in a month from your true passion, then I recommend keeping your heart out of it.

But if you truly desire to serve her in only the way you can, for the long term, then invest more of you in your business.


  • http://twitter.com/MelissAuClair Melissa AuClair

    Hey Stephanie! Love that- what especially got me was the point you make about the time it takes to build a business with our heart and passion in it. Thank you for the reminder!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lauren.mills.73 Lauren Mills

    I absolutely love this. Why does the natural tendency seem to be to take your heart out of it, like somehow that makes you a better/wiser/more legit business woman? Thank you for the reminder of the value of investing all of us into our businesses. LOVE it :)


    Lauren Mills

  • Trina | BeginnerBeans.com

    Wow. Certainly needed this encouragement/reminder today. “If your heart is missing, you’re only offering a transaction and she can find that anywhere.” Exactly what I’ve been feeling but haven’t put in to words. Definitely going to think more about how to put this into practice.

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