Color Within The Lines

by Stephanie Bryant

Color within the lines.

{Surprised that I would suggest such a thing?}

The catch is you create the lines. The boundaries for your brand, for you.

Giving yourself a boundary can be freeing. . . opposite of the anxiety that you feel right now, not completely sure, distracted by the what-ifs and overwhelmed by the maybes.

Your art begins to take shape, the colors merge {not lines}, and you see your masterpiece forming.

It was well worth asking yourself these questions and sticking to the answer:

  • What do you want to be known for?
  • Where do you hope you will be a year from now?
  • What is the expectation that you hope to create for your future customer?
  • If you were making a promise to your client, what would it be?
  • Who would be your ideal consumer? That someone that would be a pleasure to serve daily?
  • Using stream of consciousness, list all the key words that describe your brand and the kind of experience your client will have, during and after her purchase.

You’re really answering “Who am I?” “How am I different?”

If the right words aren’t coming, but you can picture what it could be like {and should}, then start a Pinterest board that exemplifies all the answers to the above questions. It’s my new best friend for creative inspiration for myself and clients. {And while you’re at it, follow my Pinterest boards, too. I’d love to see your masterpiece take shape.}

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