Why You Should Be A Cowgirl

by Stephanie Bryant

I was recently talking with a very well known blogger/small business owner, that has achieved great success. {To keep things private, lets call her Anon.}

Anon has blogged since Blogger.com was a new site, the term ‘blog’ wasn’t in Webster’s, and sharing family photos was why most used a blog.

Anon was recently feeling a little crazy for venturing into something no one else is doing and encountering more overwhelming moments.

I quickly realized Anon was a cowgirl, one that rode into the Wild West in the mid 2000′s, full of wonder, willing to take a somewhat calculated risk {but what others thought was a gamble.} with her double barrels of entrepreneurial spirit and creative enthusiasm.

Now, Anon was no longer surrounded by the big starry sky and wide open range to set her own course. Anon found herself amidst sodded neighborhoods and feeling fenced in.

My suggestion to her? “Put on your boots, stick a feather in your hair, saddle up, and ride until it feels right again. Do what no one else is doing, or has thought of. . . yet. Help create a new Wild West.”

Will you join Anon in her ride? How will you be a cowgirl and help create the new Wild West?

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