How to Write an Ebook: Helpful Links

by Stephanie Bryant

Some women are already courageously out there with published ebooks. You might know one.

I think Tumblr is kind of like an ongoing ebook. You’ll love The Nest Files. Nester knows better than anyone on how to use it to benefit her blog and her growing business. {She’s even making a separate blog.}

Not sure where to start with Tumblr? A Complete Guide to Tumblr {Don’t feel bad. I’m still figuring it out myself.}

Ebook Sales Explode While Other Formats Sink – Ebook sales climbed 202.3% while hardcover sales declined by 43% during Feb. Do you think this is a trend?

How to create an Ebook in 7 Easy Steps – by Michael Hyatt, the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Ready to self publish an ebook? How to self publish an ebook.

Remember to included unexpected costs. – A list by Inc. Magazine

Don’t forget about the Kindle and the Ipad. You can create your own Kindle Ebook and your own Ipad Ebook app.

Any advice for ebooks? Great links we should all know about? An ebook that you love?

  • Leila

    Thanks for all the links. There is a lot of food for thought here, because people really do seem to be searching for content. Ebooks seem like a really good idea!

  • Anonymous has really nice photography ebooks.

  • Katie @ Imperfect People

    Great tips. I am working on one now but had no real idea how to get it out there. Thanks so much!

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